A cooperation with the enterprise Falke Fashion KG:
Subsequently a license was granted by JOOP! for jersey and knitwear. Our consultation for the company Falke is focused on the sector Women’s Garments for four and a half years. In addition, we were responsible for the development of 30% of the men's collection in the sectors jersey and knitwear for a period of four seasons.

Conception of the design guideline for the licensed collection in the sector knitwear and jersey in coordination with the licensee and licensor

Development of colour and delivery topics
Establishment of a technical material-specific topic catalogue for the collection development in the sector jersey and knitwear
Yarn and material research, development of own jersey materials in cooperation with our jersey manufacturers

Development for approximately 100 - 120 styles mainly focused on approximately 80 styles per season in the Women’s Outer Garments sector

Provision of model drawings, yarn/material allocation, definition and control of preliminary styles

Definition and control of the correct fit

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